Call for Vignettes

Christian Bioethics is a journal devoted to robust Christian theology, undiluted by secular ethics. A forthcoming special issue will give attention to the problems arising when religious and non-religious values conflict in health care. Many Christians find that within the context of contemporary medicine their values are condemned or marginalized.

Christian patients often find their values set aside by a supposedly neutral medical establishment. Christian practitioners find themselves shunned or belittled for standing up to the secular powers in medicine. Christian practitioners and patients alike report discrimination in areas such as withdrawal of aggressive therapy, genetic testing, reproductive technology, or expressions of faith in the clinical setting, among many other examples.

This issue of Christian Bioethics is seeking a series of narrative vignettes from practitioners—nurses, doctors, therapists, etc.—as well as patients describing their trials within a health care setting. The narratives should be somewhere between 800-1000 words.

We envision vignettes that are nuanced and focused on particular events. Submitted narratives must not be seen as a means to air grievances, but instead should inspire theological reflection on relations between secularity and theological worldviews.

The vignettes will be published and will also be incorporated into a scholarly essay that will integrate and place them into a cultural and theological context. The editors may request that vignettes selected for publication be appropriately anonymized. Final decisions on publication sits with the editors and submission of a narrative does not guarantee publication.

Vignettes must be submitted to Jeffrey Bishop by November 1, 2012.

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